Patients Are Looking At Your Entire Online Presence - Not Just Your Website

Posted by Larissa Gula on May 23, 2019 2:18:52 PM

A lot of clichés have been said about the importance of a first impression, but they all emphasize a good point: first impressions matter. Years ago, your patients got their first impression of your practice when they walked into your waiting room and checked in with your staff.

But those days are long gone. Instead, your practice now makes its first impression through Google - a convenient, accessible resource available to the majority of your prospective patients. How do we know this? Because nine in ten Americans aged 34 and under own a smartphone, as do 67% of Americans aged 50 and older. All they have to do is take their phone out of their pocket, and suddenly your next patient is online and learning about your practice!

This modern lifestyle means that every provider and medical practice needs to have an impeccable online presence that makes a lasting, positive first impression. Note that we said “online presence” - not website. There’s a very specific reason for that:

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